What the Future Holds

By Matthew Petti | Consciousness

Apr 24
\What does the future holds

What does the future hold for us?

How many times have we heard that we create our own destiny? We create exactly what the future holds for us.

Our individual destiny is determined by the choices we make in our lives Our choices are based on our BELIEFS.  We are the creators of our individual destiny.  The idea is being preached more today than ever by countless teachers and coaches and we know it is true.

It stands to reason that humanity’s future is determined by the collective choices based upon the collective beliefs of mankind.  Our world is a reflection of everything we do and everything we believe as a collective species. Can we agree on that so far?

Our beliefs are not always true because some are true, some are false and some are misconstrued dogma. Our choices are based on many false presumptions, which contribute in shaping our personal and collective destiny equally as well as the choices based on true presumptions. This helps us to see how the PAST affects the FUTURE and how the world is a reflection of the COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

The world is much more metaphysical than we would be inclined to believe.  All events are manifestations of the difference between the truth and errors in our collective beliefs. I have labeled this process as The Metaphysics of Truth. THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS WORKING TO REVEAL ITSELF.

The perils of our future as foretold in Revelation is the manifestation of our collective misconceptions and human willingness to rely on FALSE presumptions. In order to better understand our future and our past, we need to ask ourselves one question.

Why are we here?