New Concept for Time Helps Solve Ancient Mysteries

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Apr 25
New Concept for Time Helps Solve Ancient Mysteries

Here is a model that most people will easily accept, but it is wrong. The entire model is built primarily on speculation and proliferated by a relatively small cult of self-proclaimed authorities who build their theories on the apriori of materialism.

Time is the perceived distance between thought and creation. Proof of this is found by recognizing that everything, outside of nature, begins as an illusion in someone’s mind. The processes and tools utilized in our mental-physical manipulation of energy and matter have also been developed by the mind over similar perceived distances and have reduced the time required to convert thought to reality.

In the Supreme state of existence, time does not exist because conscious thought and creation occur simultaneously. In varying levels between, the time factor is increased in proportion to the denigration of the Supreme state.

It is from this concept and evaluation that we can provide more meaningful answers to the baffling ancient mysteries, which were evident long before the evidence of writing and begs us to explain how these things could have been built without advanced forms of communication and capabilities. It also helps to explain who we are and our limitless potentials rather than attributing these ancient mysteries to ancient aliens.

When we continue to create new theories on the presumptuous materialist model, which excludes consciousness as the apriori, we will never realize what is hidden in plain sight and we will never get to the Truth.

Conscious choice affects reality and, in the collective sense, serves as the underpinnings to the observed evidence of myriad uncertainties at the quantum level.

We have come to accept scientific dogma more blindly than we suspect. The multiverse is an example for this, which is believed to be the product of the realization of these myriad uncertainties in separate universes. This is highly problematic to me and easy to accept by uninformed people who are quick to accept the theories claimed to be truth.

What’s worse? Religion or purely materialistic science? It’s time to restore our critical thinking before it’s too late.

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