Apr 25

What is our purpose?

By comparing  present-day technology and affluence to that of primitive man we can easily see how we have progressed over the centuries.We are on a journey where power and progress is measured by the combined knowledge and its application. Thus, our purpose is to continue to discover more knowledge and to aptly apply the power associated with it in our society.

It’s safe to say that one day (if we don’t become extinct) future discoveries will transform our world into a super-society much like the legendary Atlantis.  Try to imagine a world where the mind can achieve things much more efficiently than today.  After all, if our purpose is to discover and progress, then we will continue to reduce the amount of time it takes to transform an idea or illusion into reality.  We can easily see that as a method to measure our progress because it is evident in all of our past accomplishments.

In today’s world, the mind conceives of something intangible, designs it in drawings and then uses the available tools, equipment and processes for turning the illusion into a solid reality. Not too long ago, we had to perform many more steps because we had to design tools to implement the project and then find ways to make the tools beforehand.

We have progressed and will continue to progress by eliminating steps in the creation process to a point where thought does most of the work.  Our mind is doing the work now, but our purpose is to discover how to employ the metaphysical methods of doing it with less steps by utilizing telekinesis and telepathy.

Theoretically, we will eventually answer every possible question and become omniscient and omnipotent, provided we understand our true purpose.  All thought and power will be combined and understood throughout all of mankind without inequality.

The highest level of human achievement on Earth – our ending point – the Omega – is the individual and collective personification of omniscience and omnipotence – a state of Supreme Being – religiously designated as Paradise on Earth, Nirvana, total enlightenment, or one in unison with everything. Our endpoint then it is both our individual and collective purpose for existence.

WE ARE HERE FOR ONE REASON: To discover All-Truth.

Here is where we begin to see the link between consciousness and the power of our progress? As a society becomes more united through synergistic abilities, we will become closer and more aware of the Essence and Source of All-Truth and Power. Truth cannot be created. It can only be discovered. Are we getting a better idea of our true PURPOSE?