The Great Pyramid: Apocalyptic Smoking Gun

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Oct 04
Great Pyramid is the biggest lie and the apocalyptic smoking gun.

Viable challenges to the mainstream rendition of human history have emerged with discoveries of mysterious ancient structures and complexes throughout the world, yet the biggest challenge is unnoticed because the lie about the Great Pyramid, which has been proliferated for over 100 years, is part of the collective consciousness.

I’ve learned that a lie is easily concealed when everyone thinks it’s true and, as far as the Great Pyramid is concerned, we find this to be the case. Normally, I wouldn’t claim something to be an outright lie, but with all of the discoveries surrounding this magnificent edifice for the past 150 years, we would at least expect to find unbiased discussion in the classrooms throughout the world.

Instead we find the continued proliferation of nonsense upon an uninformed populace. The relentless mainstream view is an insult to the intelligence of informed people and a discredit to the establishments that perpetrate it.

Once we learn the facts about the Great Pyramid, we find it impossible to accept the intimidating claims that a civilization – one step removed from the Stone Age – built this magnificent edifice. Let’s scratch the surface of its amazing features for those who aren’t privy to its wonders.

Standing over 480 feet it remains taller than the highest buildings in 20 US states today. Weighing over 6.3 million tons, which is more than eight times the combined weight of the defunct World Trade Center Towers (750,000 tons), the Great Pyramid sits upon a base measuring 13.25 acres and is level to within 7/8 inch over the entire area.

Each side is oriented to the four cardinal points of the compass averaging only 1/20 of a degree shy of their marks. The Greenwich Observatory, which was built with modern engineering techniques and the intent to orient it to true north only, is 3/15 of a degree shy of its mark. Wouldn’t it be exponentially more difficult to orient 4 sides to each point with such a degree of accuracy?

Don’t believe the ramp story too quickly because this is part of the greatest lie. It would have had to be over a mile long and would take much more material to construct than the Great Pyramid itself. Most important and unrecognized is that we are asked to believe that these huge blocks were dragged up the ramp long before the wheel was invented.

The Great Pyramid is made of 2,300,000 blocks of limestone with an average weight of 5,000 lbs. Inside the Pyramid are more than 100 perfectly hewn red-granite blocks, weighing in excess of 80 tons each and situated at a height of more than 200 feet. If the Egyptians built the pyramid during the 23-year reign of Cheops as claimed, it would have taken more than 19 blocks per hour to be set perfectly into place in a workday of 14 hours per day, seven days per week for 23 years. That’s one every three minutes!

Looking at the Great Pyramid today we only see the core construction blocks. The outer casing stones were made of finely polished Tura limestone weighing an average of fifteen tons each. They were dressed and fitted seamlessly onto the pyramid surface area, which comprises more than 21 acres, with tolerances of .01 to .02 inch.

In the mid 19th century, John Taylor proved that the pyramid’s height relates to its perimeter in the same ratio that a circle relates to its radius and that a constant scale ratio of its measurements to many of the earth’s measurements exists. In order for the mathematics to apply, the angled slope of each side of the pyramid had to be precisely 51o 51’ 14” to achieve the proper height and maintain the pi ratio.

To make this a little clearer, building a perfect pyramid, in which all sides culminate precisely at the apex, requires that it must be predetermined and exquisitely carried out during construction. If one block is off by the smallest amount, the structure’s accuracy would malign with each course of masonry. To complicate this problem, builders who wanted to express the pi ratio in the final construction would have to predetermine the ratio of the height to the perimeter and therefore the angle of the slope. Hundreds of facts are not mentioned here, but are easily found by searching.

Curiously, these findings have been around for well over a century, and although more recent discoveries are just as magnificent, the messages are the same as today: there is no way that the Great Pyramid was built by anyone 4500 years ago.

Mainstream institutions have been built upon the same pillars to which the majority agrees. General acceptance and mainstream influence have contributed to the prevailing beliefs, which foster complacency leaving little or no incentive to look further. Importantly, we are failing to see the most crucial problem here.

The Metaphysics of Truth demonstrates clearly how a true shift or awakening is not a magical or random occurrence. It begins to manifest only when the MAJORITY of the collective consciousness is looking in the same direction. It also reveals an Apocalypse – translated from its Greek origins – as a disclosure of knowledge; an awakening to truth. Further, we find these awakenings occur from either heeding the insights of our wisdom or from the harsh experiences of our mistaken beliefs and that this dynamic works on both an individual and even more powerful collective scale.

Intriguingly, a subliminal but extremely powerful force that undermines the essence of reality itself is Truth’s incessant Nature to be manifested. Yes, some are awakening and are becoming aligned with this force to be recognized, but the numbers are insufficient.

Don’t we wish for an awakening through wisdom and intelligence rather than by the alternative disastrous consequences of our ignorance? Preventing our youth from hearing the facts prevents the infusion of truth into the collective consciousness and reduces the possibility for a positive collective change.

Our wisdom is telling many of us that the world is on the brink of disaster – a subtle recognition that something has to change very soon to avert the consequences of collective ignorance forged by institutions whose temporal concerns take precedence over truth. And, unless the controllers of mainstream realize the importance of disclosure and drastically change public opinion in a hurry, there is no alternative to the approaching and imminent reality.