Matthew reveals our true potential with provocative perspectives we have missed in our everyday lives.  To 'create' the awakening we hope for requires us to look at the world through a different lens. 
Keynote Topics

The Hidden Door

The world is reeling and many believe the Apocalypse is imminent. Discover the Metaphysics of Truth and enter a hidden door to new perspectives. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already here, but what they truly represent is nothing like we've been taught before. Truth is constant - only our perceptions change, and some of them need to change in a hurry.  Read more >>

Truth in the Myths

Cracking the code: Atlantis and similar legends, the Tower of Babel, the Great Pyramid and the Ark of God. Explore the ancient mysteries and discover the hidden meanings in the tales of biblical icons that expose our true potential, a clearer timeline for ancient history and a golden opportunity.  Read more >>

The Image of Christ

Unobserved teachings: Removing the mask from the face of Jesus. Discover new perspectives of scripture that reveal the hidden messages of his ministry, helping to restore the unifying concept lost in modern-day Christianity.

Matthew Petti Author - Speaker

From one of many to MANY as ONE

The Metaphysics of Truth can transform our divisive thought-models by simplifying what has always seemed to be complicated. Perhaps a more-encompassing model can inject the collective consciousness with a much-needed and more unifying concept.

A common archetype is the first step towards a true shift or awakening, which is not a magical event. The Metaphysics of Truth demonstrates this idea with clarity and shows us how to easily create the world we have been dreaming about.