Past and Future

By Matthew Petti | Ancient Mysteries

May 14
Past and future are inseparably bound

The inseparable bond between past and future is the cause and effect of our beliefs and the choices influenced by them.  This intrinsic truth and another: The TRUTH is ALWAYS trying to reveal itself in our physical world, can be shown as the underpinnings to our perceived physical reality.

Where did we come from? What is our purpose? What is our destiny?

These questions have remained the greatest enigma of human thought and can be easily exposed as the biggest obstacle to humanity’s progress.

Our collective mind is infused with divisive and dogmatic answers to these important questions. Beliefs about God, human origins, our history and the hereafter are deeply embedded into the collective consciousness through the inheritance of age-old mainstream teachings and behaviors. They serve as the underpinnings to every aspect of our lives and decisions.

Why is this critical to our human progress and destiny?

Early on in my search I devoted much of my time trying to decipher the cryptic message in the book of Revelation. At that time, the future seemed very urgent to me and I was certain that the Apocalypse would help me understand what the future held for us. It didn’t work out quite the way I had expected, but what I discovered was much more profound and revealing than I could ever imagine: The Metaphysics of Truth.

There is an inseparable bond between past and future – an unbreakable conduit.  It is simply the cause and effect of our collective beliefs and the choices influenced by them. Today’s world mirrors the combined effects of the unobserved and unchanging flaws in our most basic and important assumptions. In other words, the woes of our world are a reflection of the confusion in our collective consciousness.

Many people may have a tendency to ignore this at first glance because most are inclined to BELIEVE that beliefs have nothing to do with destiny. But, think of this. If we BELIEVE that we can fly and CHOOSE to jump from a tall building, we would easily see how an errant assumption and subsequent choice can seriously affect our destiny.

So, our collective choices are directed by vague beliefs regarding the three most important questions. Our complacency steers us away from seeking more complete answers for them, leaving our false assumptions and the future consequences intact.  When examining this principle a bit more closely, we can easily see how it works on all levels of reality both individually and collectively and on varying scales of magnitude.  Additionally we can observe the most subtle, yet most powerful, constant of our physical reality.

We can agree that beliefs govern the choices that shape our outcome.  What we see in the physical world are the events and circumstances designed by Truth to reveal the errors in our collective beliefs.  Face it, in the example above, the harsh consequence of an errant choice, which is spawned by an errant assumption, is not a random occurrence.  It is a reality-based experience which subtly and demonstrates that TRUTH is trying to reveal itself – through experience – to REVEAL the errors in our beliefs.

The unbreakable conduit between past and future can be seen as a wormhole that connects a distant past to an unforeseen future.  Secrets to the foretold perils of our mistaken beliefs are found in the misconceptions of our past. To understand prophecy we must connect the future to a past to which it is inseparably bound. Unsolved ancient mysteries serve as evidence to the errors in our religious and historical precepts. Discover what has taken me nearly a lifetime to learn, and the mysteries will begin to unfold before your very eyes.