Return to Infancy

By Matthew Petti | Body-Mind-Spirit

Mar 08
Return to Infancy

When we are truly able to return to infancy, we will find the kingdom of God!At the earliest days of infancy, a human being is more closely united to the core and meaning to our existence than at any other time in life. That’s why children are inherently capable of learning things very quickly. I’ll venture to say that only the inherent ignorance prevents a child from realizing the Absolute Power (s)he was born with.

As the awareness grows, concepts and definitions become the product of inheritance from those whose awareness had completely smothered the Truth to our existence and rational nature. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Only the sixth sense can expose what the other five have hidden.

The reason meditation is such an ancient tradition is because, ancient Masters knew that meditation is a means toward completely releasing everything ever induced by ANY of the 5 senses in our lifetime.

In order to return to infancy and get back in touch with the Essence of our being, objects must be seen, but without a shape, texture or any definition – LIKE SEEING THEM FOR THE FIRST TIME. Concepts of time, love, hate, fear, hope, anxiousness and guilt, worry, vengeance, empathy and sympathy, happiness, sadness, judgment and scores of other emotional feelings MUST be completely nonexistent.

These are the true meanings to Christ’s words, “…to enter the Kingdom, we must all return and be like these (children)…”

When humankind can collectively begin to exercise the potentials that are inherent to this species alone, we will express our true Nature and the reason for our being. We must return to infancy as a collective society in order to embrace the power of human synergy.

Everyone is subjected to assumptions that mold our perceptions and precepts. It creates division and lots of opinions. Science cannot define the species because it doesn’t recognize consciousness as a tangible or definable entity. We know we are rational yet we display habits that are counter-intuitive. Ironically, we point to humans as a species responsible for destroying the world while failing to see ourselves as taking part in that destruction.

We need to take a good look at ourselves. What is our purpose? Only humans can answer that question.

We need to come to an agreement and ACT upon it.