Matthew speaks about the Metaphysics of Truth - the hidden door to new perspectives for today's world.

Matthew Petti -


The Metaphysics of Truth - A sense of urgency is reverberating as more and more people are recognizing the serious threats confronting humanity today and their implications for the future. Many believe the apocalypse is on our doorstep and yet we fail to see it for what it really is - an awakening to truth, which either stems from the insights of our wisdom or the harsh experiences that enlighten us. The choice is ours even though we may believe we don't have one.  Enter the hidden door to brand-new perspectives.

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Truth in the Myths -
Where did we come from? If we can answer this question with a little more clarity, we will discover a lot more about ourselves than what our notions allow us to consider.  The biggest problem we face today is that 90% of the human population knows nothing about the ancient mysteries that challenge the mainstream narratives.  Providing solutions to the mysteries can help us take a giant leap in human accomplishment by teaching us the truth about the hidden potential in ourselves.  Herein lies our golden opportunity.

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The Image of Christ - By recognizing the real human struggles Jesus endured in his life's journey of discovery, we find a man whose insatiable search for Truth led him to a crossroad that no man has ever been. Yes, he unlocked the human potentials that exist in each and everyone of us, but was faced with a harrowing decision soon afterwards.  Revisiting the 3 temptations and the history of the Roman Catholic church reveals a man we have never seen before.

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Matthew Petti Author - Speaker

Matthew Petti - Author and Speaker

Matthew's observations, analyses and insights are fascinating. There is so much to discover if we allow ourselves to look, perceive and find the meaning. -Linda P.

Matthew's concepts are extremely different and a totally unique view of life, history, religion, future events and scientific concepts. It made me feel a personal relief soulfully that I haven't felt since I was a child, and I am 60 years old. -David Eade

 I just watched Matthew's presentation in January. Great work! I love his synthesis of so much packed information and passionate presentation. -Kip Montgomery

Petti is a true prophet who in my opinion is conveying the central message of Jesus, which is the Kingdom of Heaven is within, and how we can go about discovering this truth. He strips away all the superstition and religious dogma and supplies us with all the gnostic tools needed to experientially reach this truth. -Katherine Doria

Coming from a strong southern Baptist family, I found Matthew's material to be very interesting. I've always been of the personal opinion that there was something the church was getting wrong about our spirituality and his work has helped me to see it on a whole new light. -Seth Hostetler

I watched the recording of Matthew's presentation. Superb! -Dr. Gabriele Reda