Time for a Real change!

By Matthew Petti | Body-Mind-Spirit

Jan 02
Actions change when beliefs change. Collective Actions and beliefs change the world.

Many of us want to see a REAL CHANGE in the world.  The New Year celebration is indicative of the human aspiration towards shedding obsolete ideas and habits with hope that we, as individuals and as a society, will reap the rewards of real change.

And as each new year passes, many of our hopes become shrouded by the harsh realities and incessant calamities we deem irreparable. It’s as though we KNOW our world can be better, but we can’t figure out how to shed the ill-effects of obsolete ideas.

The mainstream paradigms are continually preached and imbued by the religious, scientific and historical authorities that have been firmly rooted in human culture and economics. These are no longer sufficient in answering the most perplexing and argued questions of humanity: Where did we come from? What is our purpose? What is our destiny?

Many new theories have emerged, but the viability of any theory is measured by the questions it answers and the ones left upon the table. If we want real change, then we have to consider a new model that can erase some of the varying diversities in our collective thought.

We need to agree on answers to our most important questions at a time when it is more crucial than ever. Human synergy is almost nonexistent and yet it is required to achieve our true potential and the real change we need as human beings.

Are we failing to see some very simple yet unobserved dynamics that can answer more questions than we ever thought possible? Can we provide a new paradigm that will stand the rigors of empiricism while exposing religious dogma as humanity’s shortsighted rendition of the hidden message of the ancients? What if we could really come to agreement on things that have divided us for so long? When we begin to see and begin to agree, synergy begins and our world will change dramatically.