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Apr 29

UFO’s – Discovering Ourselves, Reality and the Cosmic Battle

By Matthew Petti | Ancient Mysteries

Both the undeniable UFO phenomenon and the befuddling megalithic mysteries of our ancient past help to support the Ancient Alien theory, which is being heavily popularized by many who feel there is no other explanation.  Are we too quick to subscribe to that notion? Do we really believe that extraterrestrial beings from other planets are responsible for ancient mysteries? Do our preconceived notions and current worldviews prevent us from entertaining another important and timely perspective?  A closer look reveals the prevalent assumptions infused into our understanding of the UFO mystery and how we could be missing the hidden messages of a forgotten past, the nature of reality and the reason for our existence.Continue reading

Nov 09

Wisdom is Key to Hidden Door

By Matthew Petti | Body-Mind-Spirit

The definition of Wisdom by Webster is; Having the power to judge rightly and follow the soundest course of action based on knowledge, experience, understanding and good judgement; an insightful understanding of what is true, right and enduring. The definition itself implies the 6th sense in all of this and it truly is.Continue reading