Collective World

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Oct 05
Collective world is a breathing entity of everyone; their aspirations both good and bad

As long as we continue to blame everyone else for the conditions of the world we live in, we will fail to see our individual contribution to the systemic defaults of our society. This is a collective world and we all take part in its good and bad.

Every time we place emphasis on our individual and temporal concerns we contribute to the mess of our collective world. Every time we get angry, judgmental, or hateful to someone or something, we contribute to the problems we deem separate from us.

Every time we strive to love, accept, forgive and understand we make our world a better place. Every time we appreciate the beauty of Nature and give thanks for the simple blessings we sometimes ignore, the sun shines brighter and another day peaceful.

We cannot ignore the countries and world-societies, whose people are starving and living in squalor for they are part of our whole. The calamities of our collective world, including the horrid events of Nature, are merely the reflection of the confusion and failures in our collective consciousness. These problems cannot be attributed to one cause, but our failure to see the Truth is the major factor.

Religion is the expression of man’s willingness to search for answers to some of the hardest questions. It is also the expression of man’s unwillingness to accept other ideas and to judge another for not seeing it his way. It is also an expression of the system itself: an organized institution whose wealth is created by general acceptance and whose wealth will be protected in wars aimed at defending their propaganda.

We see this in all bureaucracies, Big Business and even in non-profit organizations, where wealth and power become more important than the truth. We see it in ourselves when we are willing to fight for our beliefs or create an argument that fuels dissension and negative emotions.

We are all responsible for our part in creating our collective world, whether beauty and peace or calamity and confusion. Until we realize that it is we who go to war when asked because we believe in the divisiveness we’ve been taught, and it is we who treasure our amenities without realizing the effects they have on mother earth and the millions who live without them, our system is doomed to crumble.

Only then can the light of Truth, which has become evident in the collective human consciousness after centuries of our individual and collective search for it, be manifested in a collective world that arises from the fallen one.

This is why the prophets tell us that doom is the end-all in a collective world that has yet to fully recognize the Universal Truth that stands above the divisive beliefs that tear us asunder.