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Apr 29

UFO’s – Discovering Ourselves, Reality and the Cosmic Battle

By Matthew Petti | Ancient Mysteries

Both the undeniable UFO phenomenon and the befuddling megalithic mysteries of our ancient past help to support the Ancient Alien theory, which is being heavily popularized by many who feel there is no other explanation.  Are we too quick to subscribe to that notion? Do we really believe that extraterrestrial beings from other planets are responsible for ancient mysteries? Do our preconceived notions and current worldviews prevent us from entertaining another important and timely perspective?  A closer look reveals the prevalent assumptions infused into our understanding of the UFO mystery and how we could be missing the hidden messages of a forgotten past, the nature of reality and the reason for our existence.Continue reading

Oct 05

Collective World

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

As long as we continue to blame everyone else for the conditions of the world we live in, we will fail to see our individual contribution to the systemic defaults of our society. This is a collective world and we all take part in its good and bad.Continue reading

Oct 04

Clear Evidence for Collective Consciousness

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

In the Metaphysics of Truth we find that, by adjusting our perspectives in accordance with three simple principles, some of the things we've always believed to be hard to figure out are really simple. Importantly, these principles can be easily agreed-upon, which is the first step towards a more collective consciousness and the change we need for our future. An apocalypse is an awakening to truth, which either comes from the insights of our wisdom or the harsh experiences of our errant beliefs. Which shall it be?

Matthew gives a live presentation of this and much more.  Visit the Hidden Door for more information

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