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Author Matthew Petti's latest book, Alpha to Omega - Journey to the End of Time (Nov. 2012) exposes the inseparable bond between past and future, revealing the secrets of Revelation's prophecy with new explanations for the ancient mysteries of our hidden past. He is also the founder of Two Sense Publications, Brigantine, NJ.

May 22

History’s History.

By Matthew Petti | History

The earliest discovered writings of humanity originated in ancient Sumer, Mesopotamia and Egypt dating back to 3000 BC.  These ancient writings mysteriously compare with one another by depicting tales of floods, ancient gods and other mythical references.Continue reading

May 14

Past and Future

By Matthew Petti | Ancient Mysteries

The inseparable bond between past and future is the cause and effect of our beliefs and the choices influenced by them.  This intrinsic truth and another: The TRUTH is ALWAYS trying to reveal itself in our physical world, can be shown as the underpinnings to our perceived physical reality.Continue reading

Apr 16

Email from a Friend

By Matthew Petti | News

I received a forwarded e-mail in May of 2012 from a friend entitled, I WANT TO LIVE AND SEE IT ONE MORE TIME! Inside, there was a calendar for July and the caption above it said, “This is the only time we will see and live this event calendar for July until the year 2835.”Continue reading

Apr 14


By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Imagine waking up into a state of complete amnesia—our mind being completely blank with no thoughts whatsoever.  Imagine not being able to recognize our being or anything around us.  Imagine having no thoughts to associate or recognize anything we would see, hear, feel, taste or smell.  Think about this for a moment.Continue reading