The Metaphysics of Truth

Is the Apocalypse imminent?

Three simple but unobserved principles open a hidden door and turn the world right-side-up.

Where did we come from? What is our purpose? What is our destiny?

Answers to these questions are more often influenced by dominating worldviews – a set of beliefs or thought-models, which are bolstered by inheritance, general acceptance and mainstream influence. In order to answer these questions more accurately, we need to recognize the inseparable bond between past and future. Beliefs influence choice and choice alters reality or destiny.  We can easily demonstrate this on an individual and collective scale to reveal just how powerful our beliefs really are and why we need to unify some of them in a hurry.

We will find that, by adjusting our perspectives in accordance with three simple principles, some of the things we've always believed to be hard to figure out are really simple.  Importantly, these principles can be easily agreed-upon, which is the first step towards a more unified consciousness and the change we need for our future.  An apocalypse is an awakening to truth, which either comes from the insights of our wisdom or the harsh experiences of our errant beliefs.  Which shall it be?

Key Takeaways from The Metaphysics of Truth

--- Apocalypse is a misunderstood word
--- Practical Wisdom - Use it or lose it
--- Immutable Truth - Only perception changes
--- Inseparable bond between past and future
--- The Power of Truth's incessant nature to manifest itself
--- Quantum proof for the Metaphysics of Truth
--- Recognizing the hierarchy of physical being
--- The power of collective consciousness revealed
--- Alpha and Omega defined

Learning how the 3  principles are applicable in defining reality presents brand new meaning to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They are self-evident through the Metaphysics of Truth and shed timely and much needed NEW light on the book of Revelation and our responsibility for the future.

Matthew Petti - The Metaphysics of Truth - Discover what has been hidden in plain sight