The Image of Christ

Modern Christianity fails the man, the Master, his purpose and the truth about the Resurrection.

Discover a man dedicated to an unknown purpose and destiny.

Believing Jesus to have been born as Supreme Being falls short by failing to acknowledge the human side of a child, adolescent and man.  What we find through the Metaphysics of Truth is that each of us is bound only to Spirit at birth but our potential is smothered by our inherent ignorance and the limited reality defined by our five senses.  Jesus was no different than any other child.  His life was destined by the faith in his mother's extraordinary testaments. 

We also understand that a true Master is one who is able to eliminate all of the acquired memories of our five senses in order to see the world like the first time again. Viewing reality without shape, form, texture, or associations is an almost impossible task and would require a lifetime of unwavering dedication, which helps us to better define Christ's life and to observe the hidden messages of his ministry.

Key Takeaways from The Image of Christ

--- Angels, demons and the earthly battle
--- Hierarchy of Angelic Being and the unapproachable Light
--- Virgin birth is symbolic and defines Jesus' earliest conflicts and dedication
--- A unique Master is challenged - new perspective for the 3 temptations
--- Christ did not perform miracles - an extremely important assessment
--- Out-of-body resurrection
--- The return of Christ in us

Mainstream has been built upon the same pillars to which the majority agrees.  Can we unite many religious teachings on the fundamentals of Christ's life and testament? Decide for yourself whether or not the predominant religious rhetoric has stymied our Spiritual progress for centuries and prevented us from seeing the secrets hidden in plain sight.