Kirkus Indie Review

Apha to omega - Journey to the End of Time, Matthew Petti

“Arguing for the existence of demigods in ancient human history, this eschatological discussion considers the fate of civilization while outlining the path humanity must take for its journey “back to Paradise.”

Petti suggests that many of the mysteries in ancient history cannot be justified by popular scientific explanation, and they’ve been misunderstood by the dominant modern ideologies. His study of the Great Pyramid, for example, reveals an ancient structure that is, based on our modern understanding, perhaps too perfect to have been constructed by Egyptians. Other supposedly unexplainable feats of ancient civilizations—the heads on Easter Island, Olmec structures, etc.—lead Petti to conclude that our comprehension of history is both limited and flawed; therefore, we must continue the search for ‘Truth…’

"...Fascinating explanations for mysterious events in ancient history..."