Peggy Sealfon Author and Life Coach

Apha to omega - Journey to the End of Time, Matthew Petti

Bravo to Matthew Petti who takes the reader on a powerfully provocative ride through the ages of time and meaning in his book Alpha to Omega: Journey to the End of Time. Impressively thoughtful and cleverly crafted, his insights and interpretations of history, ancient mysteries, religion and science may just shake you to the core. He carefully weaves a stunningly plausible interplay of events, promoting conclusions that unveil man’s very essence of power and existence that will surprise, delight and disturb. Some of his “truths” resonate deeply within while others, for me, seem rooted in a religious faith that raises critical questions challenging my own foundational beliefs.

The intensity of his writing and the depth of his multi-dimensional content is not easily assimilated and encourages multiple reads but it is highly worth the experience. The adventure is rich with fascinating twists and turns of religious and scientific facts and events that will either awaken an innate knowing within you, propel you to probe deeper or stimulate a resistance that sends you into emotional retreat. Your personal preconditioning and predilections will be stimulated and tested in unpredictable, exciting and unsettling ways.

At a time when the world is reeling to right itself from the fast-moving shifts and changes, Petti’s offerings bring the opportunity for a novel perspective in the light of an expanded consciousness. Alpha to Omega is a marvel of writing and thinking and Petti is a fluid channel of extraordinary vision. Whether you accept it or not makes no difference; in the end this revolutionary book will have a profound impact on you.