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Apha to omega - Journey to the End of Time, Matthew Petti

“Alpha to Omega” by Matthew A. Petti is a comprehensive discourse about life, eternal and temporal. Mr. Petti presents a mind-boggling series of arguments expounding his well-documented beliefs regarding God, gods, demi-gods, angels, aliens, supreme beings, Atlantis, All Truth, and man’s present condition. His many points are not commonly-held beliefs, but he documents everything he professes with a fascinating array of historic and pre-historic archaeological discoveries, various universal – or nearly universal – traditions and myths, and a plethora of astounding facts, particularly with regard to the Great Pyramid (aka Cheops) on the Giza Plateau in Egypt, as well as numerous similar constructs around the globe. His primary premise, if I understand it correctly, is that mankind was once Supreme, but fell from that lofty position, and must regain Supreme status before once again achieving Paradise.

This treatise is extremely interesting, more so in some parts than others. In particular, I was in awe at the many amazing facts he revealed about the Great Pyramid. I personally do not accept or believe all his statements, but this review is not meant to be a discussion of different beliefs. The book is exceptionally well-written (he is one of a very small minority of people who use the word “myriad” correctly), and his many statements are backed up by numerous source citations, in case anyone wishes to dig further into any specific area of discourse. My only concern is that the entire book is written well above the average adult reading level, and as such will scare off many potential readers. That notwithstanding, I recommend this book for anyone interested in reading a very interesting, if uncommon, point of view. Although difficult to follow at times, it is nevertheless a very intriguing, intelligent presentation.