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Apha to omega - Journey to the End of Time, Matthew Petti
Alpha to Omega gets 5-star review from Readers Favorite

Have you ever wondered what it is all about? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Where are we heading? Given the chaos, crime, pollution, and society’s troubles, are the old biblical prophecies correct and does the hellfire and damnation scenario await us when the end of the world comes? Author Matthew Petti formulates a fascinating theory that only by knowing where we came from do we have an idea of where we are heading. The author investigates the metaphysics of faith, and why old beliefs have failed humankind in a modern world. This includes an analysis of the "Book of Revelation" as an indication of what may (or may not) transpire if the world continues on its headlong course of destruction.

This is a controversial book. The author delves into ancient history (including prehistory and biblical history), archaeology, geography, myths, and legends to create a collective mind-set or ethos for human society from those small beginnings many thousands of years ago. We may or may not believe in the supremacy of angels and the workings of heaven in human affairs, but Matthew Petti puts forward an intelligent and logical argument to substantiate his theories. He discusses his ideas of the ‘God’ spirit within humans, a controversial topic on its own, including free will and God’s will, and the concept of obedience to a higher power. To fully appreciate the author’s thinking, it is better to either have belief in some higher power and acceptance of Biblical references and characters, or else (if one is an atheist/agnostic) to suspend disbelief and simply read this book as a fascinating investigation of man’s possible superhuman and human origins.

The author believes in the existence of a higher civilization with superior technology and intellectual prowess, such as Atlantis, that predates the Great Flood. He cites extraordinary and irrefutable examples of ancient engineering feats as evidence. While I am not entirely convinced and found some of the connections and associations between ancient people and biblical characters contrived (such as Noah’s Ark and Egypt’s Great Pyramid), I admit that the author has a passionate conviction that does make the reader think again and perhaps allow for possibilities. Well-researched and well-argued, the book is a journey in itself for anyone interested in our physical origins and spiritual development. I enjoyed this book because I find ancient history and man’s origins fascinating.