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Apha to omega - Journey to the End of Time, Matthew Petti

"Alpha to Omega: Journey to the End of Time" by Matthew A Petti is an out of the box look at the beginning and end of our journey. In his book Petti discusses a variety of topics that have long plagued mankind. Petti begins his book by asking the readers to imagine that they have awakened with amnesia. Suddenly we know nothing instead of having preconceived beliefs. Much of what we believe today comes from our obtaining the information from sources rather than discovering it on our own. Petti has an insatiable curiosity and seems to take nothing at face value. He leaves readers with many things to ponder: Is there proof in Genesis that a prior high society was annihilated? Did the Atlanteans lose sight of their Divinity? Who really built the great pyramids and how? He continues by discussing Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel and many other things.

Before I continue this review I need to state that I do not necessarily agree with the entire premise in this book. However, it has encouraged me to think out of the box and that is much more important than being in total agreement. I somehow think the author will like that I do not totally agree with him, for I am my own individual. "Alpha to Omega" is an interesting read but not necessarily an easy one. Matthew Petti has poured much of himself into this book. His personality shines from the text. I would recommend this book for sociology and anthropology classes. Petti’s book is well-organized and encourages readers to think about what they believe, why they believe it and how they came to their belief.

Alpha to Omega gets 5-star review from Readers Favorite