Apocalypse Now Vol. 2 by Matthew Petti

The Metaphysics of Truth (volume 1) is the key to understanding Revelation’s cryptic message. We will get to the Truth either through the insights of our wisdom or from the harsh experience of improper choices, which are designed by Nature to enlighten us. Our mistaken beliefs lead to erroneous choices that effect our destiny in every way both individually and collectively.

In this Volume, we discover the Truth behind the afterlife - one that isn't mired by tales of those who had a near-death experience. The remarkable connection between Spirit and our Soul ensures we will live forever, but key biblical scriptures reveal the hierarchy of being, which exposes our soul's nature in the light of an All-Knowing God; an antediluvian Super Society and today's myopic ideologies.

What does that mean for we who have undying faith in Christ's redemption? Is there redemption through Christ after death, or is there more to it? Discover the mysteries of Revelation's fifth seal as the secrets to our life's journey continue to be exposed in Volume 2 of the Apocalypse Now Series.