Discover an amazing, NEW and easy-to-understand concept that will change the way we perceive the mysterious Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Only by understanding The Metaphysics of Truth, can we provide NEW solutions for some of mankind’s oldest mysteries and expose the timely and crucial secrets to Revelation’s cryptic message

Many have turned to the Apocalypse for clues to a doomsday future, but Apocalypse is a misused and misunderstood word. It is really defined as “...a disclosure of knowledge hidden from humanity in an era of falsehood and misconception..."

The Truth is ALWAYS trying to reveal itself to us. This and two more key principles support a revolutionary NEW meaning for the Four Horsemen. On this foundation our misconceptions become self-revealing and fall like dominoes as we expose the wormhole between past and future. Deciphering Revelation's cryptic message lies in the easily seen but unobserved dynamics of The Metaphysics of Truth.

The inseparable bond between past and future is the cause and effect of our beliefs and the choices influenced by them. Further examination of this principle helps us to see destiny as a product of choice but, more subliminally, a delicate balance between Truth's incessant nature to be made manifest and the errant choices of human will borne of shortsighted beliefs.

Through Truth's immutability, we see that our perceptions continually change while Truth remains constant. From this, collective reality can be demonstrated as a quantum product of the myriad uncertainties of collective choice at any fraction of a second. This, along with other observations explored in this volume, exposes the scientific theory of parallel universes as myopic. There is only one reality with myriad uncertainties at any given moment, all of which stem from conscious choice.

Through the Metaphysics of Truth, we see that ‘disclosure’ - referred to in the definition for Apocalypse - emerges from either the insights of our wisdom or the harsh experiences of improper choices, which are designed by Nature to enlighten us.

Begin the journey into extraordinary perspectives that provocatively challenge the mainstream paradigms of religion, science and obsolete history.