About Matthew Petti

Matthew Petti - The Metaphysics of Truth

Matthew Petti has been a successful businesses owner in the 1980’s, a lighting designer, gaffer and stage technician for hundreds of live performances, movies, commercials and televised events. In the external world of his career life, he has learned the art of creating a staged illusion, but lingering beneath has been a fiery curiosity to explain a remarkable epiphany in 1977, which left him with only an illusory snapshot of something inexplicably real.

Petti’s life has been relentlessly driven by that split second moment of experience when a flood of information overcame him and connected him to the Christ Consciousness – a divine place of wisdom without past or future. Petti’s life since then has been molded by the pursuit of understanding the bestowal on that fateful day. For over three decades, Matthew’s obsession with the Apocalypse – fueled early on by a sense of urgency and desperation – has uncovered a remarkable story.

Discover the Metaphysics of Truth – a fresh perspective that explains many ancient phenomena and challenges our perceptions of reality and the biblical dogma of today.

Matt is the founder of Two Sense Publications and wishes to engage many with his unique perspective.