Evidence of Mistaken Beliefs

Core of our beingAll mysteries are evidence to the errors in our beliefs.  Why?  Because they cannot be explained by the principles upholding the current belief system.  We must use the scientific process to discover new facts that could help to alter our concepts thereby solving the mystery.  There is more to this than meets the eye.

The scientific process usually reflects deductive reasoning or the bottom-up approach to discovery, but the speculations born of the top-down approach, or inductive reasoning, is responsible for solving many mysteries.  Inductive reasoning breaks down the most complex part of a system into smaller parts, which can be more easily explained by the discoveries born of deductive reasoning. 
Think of it as reverse engineering, where breaking down the most complex part of an entire system leads to information that is more familiar and helps us to see the bigger picture, so to speak.  In our attempt to explain some of the oldest mysteries of our human origins we must break down the most complex part of the entire human experience. 
If we believe that God is responsible for our existence, then our concepts of God must change to answer these and other questions lest God becomes eradicated by our failure to explain it from the bottom-up.  This is the reason for the division between science and religion.  Science cannot subscribe to a religious God because the concepts imbued by religion cannot be supported with the available scientific evidence.
If we want to believe that God is the cause for everything, then we must accept evolution (in some manner) as the incessant nature of Life’s Essence or God, if you will, to consistently manipulate energy and matter for its eventual and complete physical expression. It can be viewed as the underpinning to all forces, which will be discovered scientifically someday.
Knowledge is power and Absolute Knowledge is Absolute Power or the Power of Truth (God), which is constantly shaping our experiences to brings us closer to awareness and enlightenment.

As we awaken to the reality of who and what we really are, everything is possible, but only because our Essence is part of the Whole, which is always revealing itself through experiences that expose the errors and the truths of our beliefs. It’s truly metaphysical. “Bad” experiences are caused by lack of awareness–false beliefs and assumptions.

The true metaphysical nature of our existence can be seen as the process of our awakening to the forces that occur on a daily basis. The stars and planets do not guide us. They are guided by the core of our being and reflect our moment in time, which can only be conceived and measured by the conscious creature.
Cause and effect is not what we presume it to be. As we become enlightened, we must be careful not to believe ourselves as the reason for the cause of events. We are vehicles of the Source, which is incessantly attempting to become perfectly expressed in us. Higher stages of awareness carry more potential for human capability, and helps to explain the mysteries of our past.
The deceptive abuse of our failure to understand this concept is the nature of the final conflict and the cause to the demise of a previous super civilization.
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