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Apr 27

The Greatest Lie on Earth

By Matthew Petti | Ancient Mysteries

The greatest lie on earth is unknown to the large majority of people. Facts, which researchers of the Great Pyramid have uncovered in more than a century, are not proliferated nearly with as much fervor as the ridiculous and obsolete mainstream view.

Apr 25


By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

What is our purpose? By comparing  present-day technology and affluence to that of primitive man we can easily see how we have progressed over the centuries.

Apr 23

Belief and Truth

By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Belief and truth are often opposed. A belief, despite personal conviction, may not be true.  Personal truth is limited by both our acquired knowledge and ability to stay informed.

Apr 16

Email from a Friend

By Matthew Petti | News

I received a forwarded e-mail in May of 2012 from a friend entitled, I WANT TO LIVE AND SEE IT ONE MORE TIME! Inside, there was a calendar for July and the caption above it said, “This is the only time we will see and live this event calendar for July until the year 2835.”

Apr 14


By Matthew Petti | Perspectives

Imagine waking up into a state of complete amnesia—our mind being completely blank with no thoughts whatsoever.  Imagine not being able to recognize our being or anything around us.  Imagine having no thoughts to associate or recognize anything we would see, hear, feel, taste or smell.  Think about this for a moment.